ANZAC Centenary 2014-2018: Sharing Victoria's Stories
Melbourne’s Swanston street in 1914 – calm and confident

Melbourne’s Swanston street in 1914 – calm and confident



A title Certificate of Service in the Great War

Title Certificate of Service in the Great War. Courtesy Pictures Collection, State Library of Victoria.

As the veteran population ages, it is important that Victorian communities preserve our veteran related heritage.

From war memorials, community halls and avenues of honour to memorial gardens and personal memorabilia, we can preserve this important heritage by better identifying and caring for it and making it available for future generations.

Victorian War Heritage Inventory

Search the Victorian War Heritage Inventory to find out more about places related to Victoria’s war history.

Preserving war heritage fact sheets

Fact sheets with tips on how to preserve war heritage including honour rolls, memorabilia, war memorials and other topics.

Download Fact sheets  about ‘How to preserve war heritage’

War-related heritage in Victoria: a report

War-related heritage in Victoria is a report that was produced from the results of a heritage survey. It offers a comprehensive overview of the extent and quality of heritage in Victoria related to Australia’s defence forces and their past involvement in wars and peacekeeping activities.

Caring for wartime memorabilia

The Coimadai Primary School Honor Roll shows past pupils who fought in the First World War.

The Coimadai Primary School Honor Roll,

This guide is to assist families and individuals donate their wartime memorabilia to a cultural institution, such as a museum or archive.

‘Memorabilia’ includes any item of historical significant – memoirs, letters, diaries, medals, textiles, uniforms, photos, official documents, and other objects with a connection to veterans heritage. Visit for more information about caring for wartime memorabilia.