ANZAC Centenary 2014-2018: Sharing Victoria's Stories

About the Campaign

About the Campaign

Upload a tribute image via the I Will Remember web app in honour of someone who served in World War One to feature on the Anzac Centenary tribute poster.

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To include your tribute image on the poster you will need :

– A hard copy photo of your ancestor (you can print out on normal paper if you don’t already have a printed photo).
– iPhone/Android or a camera (The phone is the easiest option as you can upload via the app directly – link below)
– Someone from the family who will pose with the photo of your ancestor. We would like to encourage younger family members to be involved – grandchildren and great grandchildren are ideal.
– A good spot to take your photo – against a blank wall or neutral background is ideal

Use the App (no download needed)

Please note, your image will only be added to the gallery if it is in the style pictured. Please DO NOT upload an image of the service person only.

Take a great photo! Here’s  some suggestions:

– Take a portrait shot with head and torso in the frame;
– Hold the photo at waist level.

See the Gallery

All images will be vetted before uploading to the gallery, so please allow up to 3 business days for your image to appear.

The app will be open to submissions until 30 September 2018. Submissions will be displayed in an online gallery.

Your connection may be a soldier who served on the front-line, a nurse who cared for the wounded, or even someone who worked on the home-front to support the war effort. As you delve into your own history, we encourage you to share these stories with your family so that they too gain an understanding of the service of their forebears.