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ANZAC Day 2017 – For retailers and traders

ANZAC Day 2017 – For retailers and traders

This information applies to shop traders, cinemas, licensed premises and other businesses

ANZAC Day is a national day of remembrance in Australia and New Zealand  that commemorates Australians and New Zealanders who have served in wars, conflicts, and peacekeeping operations. It is a day for remembering particularly those who, in the course of that service, have made the ultimate sacrifice. ANZAC Day is marked annually on 25 April, the date of the landing of the Allied forces at Gallipoli in World War One in 1915. Because of the solemnity of the day, trading and entertainment restrictions are in place to prevent distractions that could distract from its significance.

Shops, Cinemas and Entertainment

In Victoria, the arrangements for shop traders on ANZAC Day are governed by the Shop Trading Reform Act 1996. This Act creates legal obligations for shops operating on ANZAC Day. Heavy fines apply for breaches of these obligations.

ANZAC Day is a restricted trading day in Victoria. This means that, between 12.01 am and 1 pm on ANZAC Day, only exempt shops are permitted to open.

An exempt shop includes:

  • chemists
  • petrol shops
  • restaurants
  • cafes
  • takeaway outlets
  • service providers
  • hire outlets (including video stores).

A shop is also exempt if:

  • the number of persons employed and working in a business carried on in the shop at that time does not exceed 20; and
  • at any time within the period of 7 days before that time, the number of persons employed by the occupier of the shop and working in any business carried on in shops of any kind in Victoria does not exceed 100.

Under the ANZAC Day Act 1958 there are also restrictions on cinemas and entertainment from one minute past midnight until 1 pm.

 Licensed Premises

 Late night trading venues such as nightclubs, pubs and bars across the state that would normally trade between 3am and 12noon are required to cease the supply of alcohol at 3am on ANZAC Day.

Some licence holders are exempt from this restriction, including:

  • RSL clubs and sub-branches are exempt to ensure commemorative events are not affected.
  • Wineries that are currently authorised to begin trading at 10am on ANZAC Day will still be able to open at 10am as normal.
  • Residents and guests of residents in licensed premises as well as guests of licensees
  • Liquor supplied by airlines aboard aircraft or by duty free retailers
  • Pre-retail licencees

For further information about shop trading, cinema and entertainment restrictions call 132215 or visit

For further information about licensed premises, visit

To report a suspected breach of these laws, call 13 22 15.