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British Imperial Reservists Database

British Imperial Reservists Database

The Veterans Branch of the Department of Premier and Cabinet, Victoria, through a grant from the United Kingdom Government, commissioned Archaeological and Heritage Management Solutions Pty Ltd (AHMS) to research and compile a database of British Imperial Reservists (IRs) who were recalled to the British Expeditionary Forces in World War One (WWI). This research was primarily focussed on those Reservists who sailed from Melbourne, Victoria on the HMAT Miltiades as part of the first convoy (Convoy 1) of troops leaving Australia in October 1914.

MilitiadesThe purpose of the research was to identify previously un-researched stories of the Imperial Reserves, identifying the troops in Convoy 1, with the aim of:

– Focusing on the history and stories of Victorian residents / citizens who embarked on the Miltiades;Newspaper

– Obtaining as complete a list as possible (database) of veterans on the HMAT Miltiades as part of the first convoy – Convoy 1, and details that could assist in cross-referencing and identifying the veterans, including (where available) full names, dates of birth, occupations, places of residence, religion, military unit(s), rank, marriage status, spouse names etc.; and

– Identifying specific case studies that provide individual stories and a personal dimension to illuminate the key themes identified.

Through the research undertaken for this project, a total of 1238 records for IRs living in Australia at the outbreak of WWI have been identified.

We invite you to search the database, make YOUR OWN connections and share your story.

British Imperial Reserve Database PDF

Imperial Reservist Database (Download, Excel 334kb)

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This project has been undertaken with the support of the United Kingdom Government.